RMT Coming to Generate in November: 5 Reasons to Add Massage to Your Routine

October 16, 2017

Big news: a Registered Massage Therapist is coming to Generate!

Today’s go-go-go culture can often wreak havoc on our stress levels. Add an intense exercise regime to the mix, and you’ve created a recipe for pain, knots and chronic stiffness!

While exercising is obviously important, it’s just as crucial to infuse your daily routine with stretching, quiet time and relaxation activities. It’s for this reason that Generate has hired a Registered Massage Therapist to offer weekly massages on Fridays, by appointment only.

Massage can be beneficial for your entire body, your mind and your mood. Here are five reasons to make a weekly session a part of your health regime:

1. Cardiovascular benefits. According to an article on MindBodyGreen, average heart rate and blood pressure fell significantly for 263 study participants receiving a 45 to 60 minute massage.

2. Stress reduction. The same article postulates that a session may result in the reduction of stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. If you’ve been feeling anxious lately, a massage could do the trick!

3. Improved circulation. Many studies have found that a massage post-exercising can improve blood flow and reduce soreness. According to an article on LifeHack.Org, participants in a study who had a session after exercising had better blood flow for up to three days after their workout.

4. Pain reduction. According to an article on, a study from the University of Auckland in New Zealand found that massage may help reduce migraine symptoms, while a study from the University of Goteborg in Sweden found that it may help reduce nausea in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

5. Improved mobility. An article on Arthritis.Org states that a number of studies from the University of Miami School of Medicine have found that regular massage may increase joint mobility, flexibility and range of motion.

Generate’s in-house RMT will be setting up shop November 3rd, offering massages by appointment only every Friday. Feel free to contact us for more information, or book your appointment through the sign-up page here.