Member Week

Member Week at Generate

July 21, 2017

Generate wouldn’t be possible without the strong, dedicated members who show up every day. It’s because of your hard work and commitment to health that we’re able to do what we love, and we’re so proud that you chose Generate as your happy place!

Each and every one of our members is completely unique with different goals, fitness levels and lifestyles, and we love learning more about you every day. Despite our differences, we all come together to share our passion for health, wellness and daily movement, and we want to thank you for being a part of our family!

Last week, we devoted each day to profiling a different Generate member, showcasing our amazing roster of fitness junkies and the classes they frequent. Check out the interviews below to see all the profiles in one place:

Member Week

Darlene Parker

A die-hard TRX, spin and HIIT fan, Darlene Parker is constantly impressing us with her determination and commitment to fitness. As a consistent member for three years, Darlene is an inspiration to us all!

When did you first join Generate?
I was one of the first few members in August 2014!
What do you love about Generate?
I love the friends I’ve made, the community and the beauty of the gym! It’s like a spa.
What is your fitness goal?
My lifetime fitness goal is to be fit, healthy and injury free. Right now I’m working on being injury free.
What do you like to do in Toronto?
There are so many things! I love the Humber trails, I love running in several neighbourhoods including High Park, I love hanging out with my family and friends in local neighbourhoods and on my backyard deck.

Member Week

Sheri Cuthbert

With her positive spirit, her dedicated commitment to fitness, and her willingness to try new classes, Sheri is a Generate member inspiring others, which is why we’re featuring her for our #MemberWeek series! Read her interview below to hear more about her fitness journey with Generate:

When did you join Generate?
I started in 2014, but when life got busy, I quit. I rejoined in December 2016, but didn’t start getting really serious until January 5, 2017.
What is your fitness goal? Have you reached it?
My goal was to lose 30-40 pounds. I’ve reached my goal!
How did you reach your goal?
I attended 12-13 classes per week. I do Pilates, Yoga, Spin, TRX and Hoist regularly. I also used an app called Fitness Pal to track my caloric intake and activity level. I wanted to make a significant difference, but I also wanted it to be sustainable.
What is the biggest benefit of your work at Generate?
Not only have I reach my weight goal, but also I am physically stronger. I’m not a great golfer, but I can now drive the ball 40 yards longer than I could last year. A Golf Pro at the club also said I look ten years younger. I’d have to say I’ve regained my self-confidence and self-worth.
What is your favourite thing about Generate?
My favourite thing about Generate is meeting new people. One member in particular encouraged me to try new classes. As a result of her encouragement, I tried TRX and haven’t turned back.
Do you have any advice for other members who may have fallen off the ‘fitness wagon?’
It’s important to make a commitment to look after yourself. It’s important to commit time to your goals. But if you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up. You’ll feel so much better if you can commit, but it takes time.

Member Week

Crystal Li

With 240 visits and 186 total hours logged at Generate so far (mostly 6am boot camp and HIIT classes!) Crystal Li is one of the toughest Generators out there. 💪🏼 Check out her interview below to get to know her:

When did you join Generate?
Last October.
What do you love most about Generate?
The classes! The staff are awesome and really supportive. It’s such a comfortable environment.
What’s your fitness goal?
To incorporate fitness into my life and make it a habit.
What’s your favourite thing to do in Toronto?
Eat! I’m a foodie. If I had to choose a favourite restaurant it would have to be Khao San Road!

Member Week

Lauren Doughty

Lauren frequents classes like HIIT, Total Body Bootcamp and barre, working hard to get in shape for her upcoming wedding! Check out her interview below to get to know her:
When did you first join Generate?
February 2017.
What do you like most about Generate?
The variety of classes. I also like that it’s quiet.
What’s your fitness goal?
To get in shape for my wedding on New Year’s Eve!
What’s your favourite thing to do in Toronto?
Sit on a patio with a glass of wine.

If you’re a Generator who would like to be featured, send us an email! We’d love to hear your story.