Exercise For Healthy Bones

August 21, 2015

OC logoExercise is very important for all of us, but especially for those with osteoporosis who are at risk for falls or broken bones.

Here are a few key reasons why exercise is important for individuals with osteoporosis:

  • To build muscle strength
  • Strength training improves muscle mass and strength.
  • To prevent falls
  • Performing challenging balance exercises can improve balance and coordination, which helps prevent falls, and this in turn may prevent fractures
  • To protect the spine
  • Spine fractures are often caused by forces, or “loads,” on the vertebrae that are greater than they can withstand.
  • Exercises that target the muscles that extend your back can help improve posture, reducing the risk of spine fractures.
  • To slow the rate of bone loss
  • Exercises aimed at increasing muscle strength (i.e., strength or resistance training), combined with weight-bearing aerobic physical activity, help to prevent bone loss as we age.

Other benefits:

Whether or not you have osteoporosis, regular exercise improves health in many ways. People who exercise regularly have lower rates of depression, heart disease, dementia, cancer, diabetes and many other chronic diseases. Exercise can improve your physical fitness, strength, energy levels, stamina and mental health.