Dynamic Aging

Dynamic Aging with Katy Bowman: 3 Tips for Staying Mobile as You Age

September 18, 2017

It’s a widely held belief in our culture that the older you get, the less mobile and agile you will become. We tend to believe that during the aging process, our bones deteriorate, our posture slumps and we have increasing difficulty keeping up with a rigorous exercise regime.

However, here at Generate, we like to debunk common myths about what’s possible, especially for women over 40. It’s our belief that you can achieve balance, posture and grace well into your golden years, even if you never made exercise a habit during your younger years.

In her book Dynamic Aging, biomechanist and movement specialist Katy Bowman breaks down the best tips and exercises for effective movement, pain relief and everyday mobility. She shares the stories of four of her clients whose lives have been changed by her exercise regimes. Here are three tips from her book you can try right now:

1. Top of the Foot Stretch. Sitting on the edge of a chair, reach back with one foot and tuck your toes under. Keep your heel centered and don’t force the movement. According to Bowman, this stretch “targets any muscle clumps that might have developed due to too-tight shoes or postural habits.”

2. Chair Squat. Chances are, your life and work involves plenty of sitting throughout the day, so you might as well take advantage by incorporating the chair squat into your routine every time you stand up to build strength and mobility. Simply stack your ankles below your knees, reach arms and torso forward, shift weight back onto heels and rise and lower slowly.

3. Ramp Your Head. With so much texting, computer time and reading, our heads can become out of alignment. Bowman says to slide your chin back and lengthen your neck while walking, waiting in line or driving to strengthen the muscles supporting your head.

What do you think of these tips? How do you improve mobility in your everyday life?

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