Easy Ways to Bring More Movement Into Your Daily Routine

October 2, 2017

We all know that sitting for extended periods of time can have negative effects on our health. But now, recent evidence is showing that standing for too long may also lead to cardiovascular disease, back pain and increased inflammation.

If sitting for too long and standing for too long are both potentially detrimental for our bodies, we like to think the solution is simple: move more! According to the official website for the world’s Blue Zones, global hot spots where the inhabitants tend to live much longer than the average life span, a healthy lifestyle involves daily natural movement like walking and gardening:

“The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it. They grow gardens and don’t have mechanical conveniences for house and yard work,” the website reads.

With our culture’s tendency to lead busy, productive lives and work long hours sitting at a desk, it isn’t always easy to incorporate daily movement into your routine. However, we believe there are endless creative ways to get moving, even if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

Here at Generate, we’re taking notes from the world’s Blue Zones and following the tips below to keep our bodies healthy and our minds calm. We challenge you to do the same!

1. Try the 20 minute rule. If you know you’ll be sitting for an extended period of time, set a timer on your phone to go off every 20 minutes and remind you to get up, walk around and stretch. Even just a few minutes of recirculating the blood and moving your joints will help you keep away that stiff, sore feeling most of us get from sitting at a desk.

2. Stretch and tone it up during commercials. Let’s face it: we’re all guilty of coming home after a long work day and forgoing the gym in favour of a good TV session. If you do happen to find yourself in front of the tube, use the commercial breaks to your advantage and try a few bridge exercises, sit ups, or forward bend stretches to keep your blood flowing.

3. Walk it out. It sounds obvious, but how often do you plan on leaving your house early so you can walk to your destination rather than driving? Use the Maps app on your phone to measure the distance you’ll be walking and be sure to track your steps using the Health app. Make counting your steps a fun game with friends for a little extra motivation!

Of course, you can always come visit us for a class or two to bring more movement into your life. How do you add daily movement to your routine? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on social media using the hashtag #GenerateTO!