Why a Strong Sense of Community is One of Generate’s Top Values

November 27, 2017

We believe a fitness studio should be more than just the place you come to sweat once a day. It should be like a second home, a haven you visit to escape daily stressors, get motivated, and recharge so you can reach optimal health levels.

It’s for this reason that we value a strong sense of community more than a tight tush or toned arms (not that we don’t love working towards getting stronger every day!). At Generate, community is one of our top values. Our members support, encourage and motivate one another, and most importantly, they make working out fun.

When you join Generate, you’re joining more than just a gym—you’re getting started on a journey of health, wellbeing and friendship unlike any other. Whether you’re interested in joining us for a specific form of movement or you’re open to trying new things, the instructors, front desk staff and other members will welcome you with open arms.

Member (and staff member!) Nicola says:

“Generate really has a family-type environment. We’re each supporting each other towards our fitness goals and life goals in general. When I first joined, I noticed that everyone was super positive and no one was judgey like at other gyms. Everyone is encouraging you to work out, and there are so many like-minded people to make friends with!”

At Generate, you’ll gain so much more than increased energy levels, a toned physique and a more positive outlook. You’ll also have a second family, a second home and a brand new support system!

We value our tight-knit network of members to no end, but we also bring this community-oriented sensibility into the world at large. To us, the word “community” doesn’t stop in our studio, or even in our city: it also applies to a global setting. Our green approach to fitness, business and life in general speaks to our strong sense of community, and the positive values we strive towards every single day.

If you’d like to join in on this movement of community, health and global wellbeing, give us a call, email us or come in for a tour today! We’d love to hear from you.

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