Five Ballet Myths: Debunked

October 9, 2017

Whether you took ballet classes as a child or are a complete beginner, there’s no doubt that you can benefit from this classical art form. No matter your age, fitness level, or gender (men are welcome, too!), our 6-week level 1 workshop will help you improve your posture, gain strength and increase flexibility.

Here at Generate, we appreciate the true value of this beautiful art form, and we’d like you to find out about it for yourself. Your technique will improve significantly, and so will your confidence, muscle tone and so much more.

Still not convinced? Here are five of the most absurd ballet myths, debunked!

1. It’s only for children or young adults. Although many dancers tend to quit before the age of 12, there’s no reason why this should dissuade you from working on your pirouettes well into your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond! With its gentle and fluid movements, ballet is an ideal form of movement for women over 40.

2. It’s only for girls. False! Male dancers are some of the most elite, highly trained athletes in the world. If you’re a man, you’ll love the increased flexibility, mobility and grace achieved through ballet.

3. You have to be a professional to take class. Generate’s workshops are open to all levels, even complete beginners, so there’s no need to worry about having a lack of experience. Ballet can be an enjoyable and moving experience for anyone, so feel free to dive right in.

4. It’s hard on your body. Although many professional dancers suffer from injury, a recreational ballet class won’t have the same effect as a ballerina’s gruelling schedule. In fact, the slow, fluid movements of a plié or a tendu can be therapeutic for your joints when done with proper form.

5. You have to wear pink leg warmers, a tutu and a perfect bun. Although most schools enforce some sort of ballet-appropriate dress code, here at Generate, you can wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

The next 6-week ballet workshop at Generate will begin October 21st. Sign up here to improve your technique and grow strong and long!