Michaela | Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Michaela has always had a love for sports, fitness and performing arts. She currently works as a Professional Irish Dancer and has competed at the World Championship level for five consecutive years.

In 2014 she completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree from the University of Waterloo. Michaela has experience working with a wide range of clients and settings including the rehabilitative population as well as leading dance and conditioning at all age levels. Her current interest lies in high performance and athletic training. Michaela believes that the combination of the right mind set/mental training and physical conditioning is the key to optimal performance. This is a staple in her personal workouts and is something she hopes to instill in those she works with, in order to enjoy training and see lasting results. Currently, Michaela loves taking classes in other styles of dance, and continuously challenging herself through different types of fitness training. She will be taking the TRX course in the coming weeks and is looking forward to incorporating this into client workouts. Michaela is enthusiastic to start working with such a great team at Generate!


BSc Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (In Study)