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Here are five simple exercises to have a good workout in only 5 minutes.

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  • 1

    Jumping Jacks

    45 sec (rest 15)
  • 2

    Push ups from knees

    45 sec (rest 15)
  • 3


    45 sec (rest 15)
  • 4

    Seated back rows with theraband

    45 sec (rest 15)
  • 5

    Roll ups with a twist

    45 sec (rest 15)
Success Story Generate is the best health club I’ve ever belonged to!

Generate is the best health club I’ve ever belonged to! It’s more than a gym, it’s a community full of welcoming members, trainers and staff who encourage each other and ‘high-five’ through their workouts. I really like how so many of the classes are 30-45 minutes, so you can slowly ease into a workout routine if you’re just getting back into things or want to try a new kind of workout. The instructors encourage you, but they also allow you to work at your own pace and they meet you at your level. My favourite classes are HOIST, Zumba and Nia. I look forward to these classes and never have to drag myself to the gym the way I used to with other gyms. In addition to the classes, the space is beautiful and I have really enjoyed the monthly book-club discussions and members’ night out! At first I was a little nervous about attending these social gatherings by myself, but everyone was so welcoming and I was so glad that I took the chance and have made some good friends. Health and wellness is not just about movement, it’s about laughter and community, and that’s what makes Generate so special. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!


Success Story Generate is what a gym should be…

When I decided I wanted to make fitness and well-being a bigger part of my life, I looked around my West End neighborhood for alternatives. Generate’s superb location in the heart of Bloor West Village and its warm, welcoming space attracted me first. But the great team, outstanding equipment and programming are what kept me coming back. Even though I’m not a “classes guy” I’ve found the balance between joining some group things and executing a program developed with the Generate team to be right on the money. You should join.


Success Story I couldn’t imagine my life without Generate!

Generate offers a fitness experience unlike other Toronto gyms. Portia and her team go above and beyond what a normal gym offers to ensure that my experience, along with everyone else’s experience, is consistently outstanding. I’m genuinely excited to work out knowing that each class and instructor will be of the highest standard based on feedback and Portia’s continuous search to find the perfect fit for every member. I couldn’t imagine my life without Generate!


Success Story Generate Fitness is a wonderful gym…

Generate Fitness is a wonderful gym. I consider myself so fortunate to have access to all it has to offer. The fitness instructors and trainers are professional and knowledgeable. A broad selection of group classes are available, and the smaller class size allows for individual attention. A selection of exercise equipment in good working order is available as well.

The welcoming staff and relaxed atmosphere reflect the friendly feel of this gym. The bright sun-filled rooms, the use of natural cleaning products, and equipment selected to reduce energy consumption all reflect the gym’s commitment to nurturing overall health and wellbeing. Generate Fitness is good for both body and soul.


Success Story Generate is a beautiful and welcoming space to work out in.

Generate is a beautiful and welcoming space to work out in. The instructors and even the design of the space (the studios and workout spaces have no mirrors and weighing scales) encourage members to grow stronger and healthier and have fun, without feeling self conscious about our bodies or abilities. Moreover, there is a sense of community at Generate: members and staff know each other and genuinely support each other. Thanks to Generate, I now not only enjoy working-out, but more importantly, focus more on my overall fitness and health than I did before. After years of feeling out of shape and suffering from knee pain, I am now able to run, and the feeling is exhilarating!


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