Easy Ways to Bring More Movement Into Your Daily Routine


We all know that sitting for extended periods of time can have negative effects on our health. But now, recent evidence is showing that standing for too long may also lead to cardiovascular disease, back pain and increased inflammation. If sitting for too long and standing for too long are both potentially detrimental for our bodies, we like to think the solution is simple: move more! According to the official website for the world's Blue Zones, global hot spots where... Read More


Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. After all, we stand on them for most of our lives: we use them for walking, running, jumping and more. Our poor paws endure endless stomping, squishing, cramping, flexing and pointing, which can often lead to imbalances in the structure of our bones, hips and spine. According to biomechanist Katy Bowman, our feet are of prime importance when it comes to maintaining mobility and good balance at any age. In her... Read More

Dynamic Aging

It's a widely held belief in our culture that the older you get, the less mobile and agile you will become. We tend to believe that during the aging process, our bones deteriorate, our posture slumps and we have increasing difficulty keeping up with a rigorous exercise regime. However, here at Generate, we like to debunk common myths about what's possible, especially for women over 40. It's our belief that you can achieve balance, posture and grace well into your... Read More

Mama Wellness

Motherhood is a beautiful journey full of miracles. That said, we all know becoming a mama can also be a bit daunting: what should you eat while pregnant? Which yoga poses should you avoid? And what's the deal with the whole birthing process, anyway? To help you answer some of your burning motherhood questions, we've developed two amazing workshops for new moms and soon-to-be mamas. Join Ariel Whittaker-Brown, yoga, Pilates and barre expert, and Adrienne Cotê, holistic nutritionist and doula this fall... Read More


Personal training may be something you've always wanted to try, but have never had the time, money or dedication to start. Here at Generate, we believe it's never too late to start something that could improve your life, and personal training is definitely worth it! One-on-one personal training sessions will improve your fitness levels, increase your confidence and help you deal with chronic pain, injuries or weak spots. When you invest in personalized coaching, you're investing in your own health,... Read More

tai chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, traditionally practiced as a form of self-defense. Today, the tradition has been carried on for its excellent health benefits for both mind and body. The practice is often referred to as "meditation in motion" for its slow, fluid movements and mindful nature, but Harvard Women's Health Watch says the practice may well be called "medication in motion" because of its ability to prevent and treat many chronic health issues. Low impact, safe... Read More

Ian Elliott

If you've ever been to a yoga class, you'll know all about the high that comes from stretching and strengthening your muscles, the peace you achieve by breathing deeply, and that euphoric feeling you get during a juicy savasana. You know you love the way yoga feels, but have you ever stopped to think about the way each pose really functions in your body? Why do we move the way we do during a class, and what is the real... Read More


When you think of ballet, the first things that come to mind are most likely slow, graceful movements, bloody toes and tutus. In reality, ballet is a classical and beautiful art form, which also happens to double as a comprehensive, total body workout! With their long, lean muscles and perfect posture, ballerinas have some of the most sculpted bodies in the world. Not only will the art form help to tone your entire body, but it will also sharpen your... Read More


For Staff Week at Generate, we profiled our amazing roster of front desk workers. Not only do Generate staff help everything around the studio run smoothly, but they help to foster a positive, supportive environment for members. Check out the Staff Week roundup below to see all the interviews in one place: Meet Charlotte Newlands: kind, hard working and helpful, Charlotte has been working with Generate since the age of just sixteen. This past Sunday marked her last day with... Read More

Member Week

Generate wouldn't be possible without the strong, dedicated members who show up every day. It's because of your hard work and commitment to health that we're able to do what we love, and we're so proud that you chose Generate as your happy place! Each and every one of our members is completely unique with different goals, fitness levels and lifestyles, and we love learning more about you every day. Despite our differences, we all come together to share our... Read More