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Exercise is very important for all of us, but especially for those with osteoporosis who are at risk for falls or broken bones. Here are a few key reasons why exercise is important for individuals with osteoporosis: To build muscle strength Strength training improves muscle mass and strength. To prevent falls Performing challenging balance exercises can improve balance and coordination, which helps prevent falls, and this in turn may prevent fractures To protect the spine Spine fractures are often caused... Read More

Your stomach and pelvic floor muscles are put under increasing strain as your baby grows bigger. At the same time, the hormone relaxin is making the tough tissues (ligaments) that connect your bones more pliable. Your ligaments are likely to stretch more than usual and if you overload them you may injure yourself. During pregnancy, your tummy muscles are stretched over your growing baby and if they're weak, you may develop back or pelvic pain. Your weakened pelvic floor muscles... Read More

Motivation is a tricky thing. Some days you have more than you know what to do with, while other days – well, I know I'm not the only one who wants to curl up on my yoga mat and take a nap. Exercising is hard work, but Those who exercise in groups sustain greater motivation to train than those who work out alone. Endorphins are produced by virtually any vigorous physical activity, but group work appears to enhance the effect dramatically - and... Read More

Strength or resistance training challenges your muscles with a stronger-than-usual counterforce, such as pushing against a wall or lifting a dumbbell or pulling on a resistance band. Using progressively heavier weights or increasing resistance makes muscles stronger. This kind of exercise increases muscle mass, tones muscles, and strengthens bones. It also helps you maintain the strength you need for everyday activities — lifting groceries, climbing stairs, rising from a chair, or rushing for the bus. The current national guidelines for... Read More

Pregnancy might seem like the perfect time to sit back and relax. You might feel more tired than usual, your back might ache, and your ankles might be swollen. But guess what? There's more to pregnancy and exercise than skipping it entirely. Unless you're experiencing serious complications, sitting around won't help. In fact, pregnancy can be a great time to get active — even if you haven't exercised in a while. Why exercise during pregnancy? During pregnancy, exercise can: Ease... Read More