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For Staff Week at Generate, we profiled our amazing roster of front desk workers. Not only do Generate staff help everything around the studio run smoothly, but they help to foster a positive, supportive environment for members. Check out the Staff Week roundup below to see all the interviews in one place: Meet Charlotte Newlands: kind, hard working and helpful, Charlotte has been working with Generate since the age of just sixteen. This past Sunday marked her last day with... Read More

Member Week

Generate wouldn't be possible without the strong, dedicated members who show up every day. It's because of your hard work and commitment to health that we're able to do what we love, and we're so proud that you chose Generate as your happy place! Each and every one of our members is completely unique with different goals, fitness levels and lifestyles, and we love learning more about you every day. Despite our differences, we all come together to share our... Read More

Fitness Instructors

Generate wouldn't be possible without our amazing roster of knowledgeable and caring instructors. With their helpful cueing, thoughtful class sequencing and motivating attitudes, Generate instructors are all about helping you reach your fitness goals and feel your best every day! Each of our instructors comes from an interesting background and has a unique outlook on the world of fitness, which is why we devoted a whole week to featuring them on our social media pages. Take a peek at the... Read More

At Generate, we're in the business of longevity and vitality. While many fitness centers say physical health is the key, we believe that optimal health includes physical, emotional, social and intellectual fitness as well. Although our clients are different from one another, they all want to be strong, happy and healthy so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest and continue to be vibrant and active in their golden year. I call this reverse aging and who doesn’t want that?... Read More


This week at Generate, we’re celebrating our biggest passion: fitness! From nutrition to high quality sleep, there are several components of good health, but there’s no doubt that exercise is the most fun pillar of them all. Regular exercise has been known to increase feelings of happiness, decrease excess weight and keep several health markers such as blood sugar and cholesterol in check. It’s our belief that a varied exercise regime including cardio, strength training and stretching can do wonders for... Read More


What does wellness mean to you? Is it about bigger muscles, green smoothies and HIIT workouts? Here at Generate, we like to believe that health is all of the above, plus a little bit more. Being healthy means that your mind, body and spirit are all in alignment and nothing is out of balance. It means that you know when to work hard, when to rest, and when a little piece of chocolate cake is in order! For the past two... Read More


Let's face it: nutrition can be an overwhelming and at times, confusing, subject. Is sugar evil? Which carbs are best? Can green juice really give you super powers? Nutrition is a broad-ranging, complex topic, and it can be challenging to even scratch the surface. While no one can claim to have all the answers, we can all still aim to find the best nutritional plan for our unique personalities, bodies and lifestyles. A vegan diet may be best for your BFF,... Read More

Spring Cleaning

The spring season is such a wonderful time to cleanse every aspect of your life. From your closets to your skin products, purging the old and bringing in the new can be such a satisfying feeling, and a great way to improve your health. Here at Generate, we’re always looking for new ways to give back to our community and optimize the wellbeing of our members. Whether we’re acting as a pick-up spot for healthy Farm-to-Table meals or donating old... Read More

team fit, outdoors, small group fitness
August 31, 2016

Welcome Team Fit to Generate! Team Fit will make you functionally fit by combining athletic aerobic movements with strength exercises that will have you looking and feeling amazingly fit. Coach Gad will be training and motivating you to new levels of strength and fitness every week. By the end of the 6 week program the team will be ready to compete in Toronto’s annual MUD HERO obstacle course! A great way to show off your new agility, strength and stamina.... Read More

tai chi

Beginner Tai Chi Workshop begins Saturday, July 30th 9:30am. Everyone welcome! Tai Chi refers to the ancient Taoists concept that all aspects of the Universe is made up of the Yin (passive) and Yang (active) energy. The balance of these forces is commonly translated as “The Supreme Ultimate”. In Tai Chi practice, this concept is applied through meeting hardness with softness (yielding); and applying power only where, and when, an opponent is weak. This is what gives rise to the... Read More