Give the Perfect Gift with Generate This Year


It's official: experiential gifts are the new normal! Why contribute to more clutter when you can give your friends and loved ones the gift of health, wellness and energy? As part of our mission, we believe gifts should be eco-friendly, conscious and healthy. A Generate gift pass will contribute to your friends' lives in a way that no object ever could! After the holidays, most people are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, adopting new, healthy... Read More

Portia Albrecht

Today on the blog, we're sitting down with the one and only Portia Albrecht, founder and owner of Toronto's most eco-friendly gym. Creative, passionate and hard-working, Portia is an inspiration to us all. Read about her fitness obsessions, favourite healthy meals and tips for entrepreneurs below: Why did you first start Generate?  I moved to Toronto and I couldn't find a studio that had all of the things I wanted: a variety of classes and a gym space with lots... Read More


We believe a fitness studio should be more than just the place you come to sweat once a day. It should be like a second home, a haven you visit to escape daily stressors, get motivated, and recharge so you can reach optimal health levels. It's for this reason that we value a strong sense of community more than a tight tush or toned arms (not that we don't love working towards getting stronger every day!). At Generate, community is one of our... Read More


By now, most of us know that regular exercise comes with a wide variety of benefits. Staying motivated to work out regularly is easier when you know why you're doing it, so if you ever feel like slacking on your routine, remember all the reasons you started in the first place! If you haven't exercised in a while and you're nervous to get started with a regular routine, have no fear. Adding some movement to your life doesn't have to be scary,... Read More


If you've been a member at Generate for a while, chances are, you've already found a workout you love. We all have certain classes we wouldn't miss for anything, and developing a routine is a great way to stay motivated and accountable week after week. That said, we're always encouraging our members to try new things, experiment and stay flexible (figuratively and literally!). Here are five classes you should mix into your workout routine at least once so you can... Read More

Fascia Release

We've all heard about the importance of strengthening muscles, gaining flexibility and getting our heart rates up through cardio. But in today's go-go-go culture, we rarely prioritize slowing down to release tight, stiff tissue and rehydrate the fascia. Although we tend to forget about the fascia, it's arguably one of the most important areas to focus on because it binds together muscles, organs and tissues throughout our entire bodies! When we neglect daily movement like walking, yoga, dance and Pilates, the fascia... Read More


In today's world, it seems that stress is the number one complaint most people have about their lives. Ask anyone how they're doing, and chances are, they'll answer something along the lines of "oh you know, busy!" We tend to glorify "busy" while pushing our personal sense of wellbeing and relaxation to the bottom of our to-do lists. As we transition into a chaotic holiday season, let's change the dynamic and focus on cultivating calm in healthy ways. Here are our... Read More

pregnancy workshop

Whether you're pregnant for the first, second or fifth time, there's always more to learn about the ins and outs of motherhood. Fitness, nutrition and mindfulness are all key areas to focus on for any mom, which is why we've designed the Ultimate Pregnancy Workshop: a comprehensive four-week education and movement program for soon-to-be mamas! Join yoga, Pilates and barre expert Ariel Grace and holistic nutritionist/doula Adrienne Cotê as they offer you the best exercises, nutrition tips, advice and support during your journey into motherhood.... Read More


Big news: a Registered Massage Therapist is coming to Generate! Today's go-go-go culture can often wreak havoc on our stress levels. Add an intense exercise regime to the mix, and you've created a recipe for pain, knots and chronic stiffness! While exercising is obviously important, it's just as crucial to infuse your daily routine with stretching, quiet time and relaxation activities. It's for this reason that Generate has hired a Registered Massage Therapist to offer weekly massages on Fridays, by... Read More


Whether you took ballet classes as a child or are a complete beginner, there's no doubt that you can benefit from this classical art form. No matter your age, fitness level, or gender (men are welcome, too!), our 6-week level 1 workshop will help you improve your posture, gain strength and increase flexibility. Here at Generate, we appreciate the true value of this beautiful art form, and we'd like you to find out about it for yourself. Your technique will improve significantly,... Read More